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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Internet Attackers in 2010

Mode cyber criminals are always looking for new ways as the way they previously unbroken. This is what would threaten Internet users in 2010. In addition to the conventional tricks, also beware of 'creativity' new principals.

  • Antivirus is not enough

With the increasing threat of polymorphic and unique explosion of malware variants in 2009, the industry quickly realized that the traditional approach to antivirus, either by signature files and the ability heuristic / behavioral, not enough to protect against the latest threats. We have reached a breaking point where the latest malicious programs actually made with a higher speed compared with good programs.

Thus, we also have reached the point where no longer makes sense to stay focused only on analyzing malware. The approach to security to find ways to include all the software files such as reputation-based security, will be key in 2010.

  • Social Engineering as a Main Vector Attack

More and more attackers to attack the user directly and try to outwit them to download malware or divulge sensitive information, with the impression that the user is not doing anything wrong. At least one of the triggers popularity of social engineering is the fact that any operating system and internet browser on the computer user, not the important thing, because penggunanyalah are a target, not merely the existing gap in their machines.

Social engineering has become one of the main attack vectors in use today, and Symantec estimates that the number of attacks experiment using social engineering techniques will certainly increase in 2010.

  • Fake Security Software Manufacturer Melonjak

In 2010, prepare to see the perpetrators of fake security software makers trying to increase the level further, even to hijack the victim's computer, turning it into useless and held for ransom. However, the next step which is not too drastic, is software that does not damage explicitly, but doubtful.

For example, Symantec has analyzed several antivirus vendors who sell counterfeit copies of third-party antivirus software with other brands as they supply. In this case, the user is technically did have antivirus software that they pay, but the reality is the same software they can download for free from somewhere else.

  • Third Party Applications Social Networking Target of Fraud

The popularity of social networking is expected to grow even higher in the next year to make the number of fraud will also continue to offset the amount of growth in the site's users. At the same time, owners of sites that will make proactive approach to overcome the threats.

As this goes on, and when these sites provide more ready access to their API to third-party developers, an attacker may be targeting the existing gaps in the application made by any third party to penetrate into the social network user accounts, just as we have seen when visited the attacker's browser plug-ins such as web browsers become more secure.

  • Windows 7 So the focus of the Striker

Microsoft has released the first security patches for Windows 7. As long as people who did the computer program code generation, the gap will still exist, no matter how tight testing prior to launch, and the more complex code, the greater the chance of the presence of security holes that have not been found. Microsoft's operating system is also not the exception, and because Windows 7 has begun circulating, and is expected to attract attention in 2010, no doubt, an attacker would have to find ways to exploit the user's Windows 7.

  • Botnet is Constantly Changing Fast (Fast Flux) Increasing

Fast flux is a technique used by some botnet like Storm botnet, to hide the phishing website and dangerous behind the already infected tissue which acts like a proxy. Using a combination of peer to peer networking, distributed command and control, web-based load balancing and proxy redirection, make a botnet tracking the location of origin is difficult.

When done penangkalan industry continues to reduce the effectiveness of traditional botnet, the new technique is expected to be more and more used to conduct attacks.

  • Shorter Service Best Friend Become URL Pretender

Because users often do not know where they will be delivered by the shortened URL, fraud can hide the link that makes the users who have high levels of suspicion average will think twice before clicking on it. Symantec has seen a trend toward the use of this tactic to distribute applications and will deceive many more were present. In addition, in order to avoid anti-spam filters, spammers are expected to use the service URL to pemendek their crimes.

  • Mac and Mobile Malware

The number of attacks designed to exploit the operating system or specific platforms was directly related to the platform market share, because the makers of malware to make money and always wants the best results of which they had sought. In 2009, we've seen the Mac, and smartphone makers target of malware, such as botnet Sexy Space is aimed at mobile devices based on Symbian operating system and OSX.Iservice trojan targeting Mac users.

With the increasing popularity of Macs and smartphones in 2010, more attackers will spend their time to create malware that can exploit this device.

  • Spammers Violate Rules

With economic conditions increasingly difficult, and more people take advantage of lax rules on CAN SPAM Act, we will see more and more organizations selling lists of email addresses and more marketers are not responsible for spamming the list.

  • Adapting spammers, fluctuating Keep Spam Volume

Since 2007, spam has increased by an average of 15 percent. Despite significant growth in this spam email may not be continuing in the long run, but it was obvious that spammers do not want to give up as long there are economic motives. The volume of spam will continue to fluctuate in the coming 2010 and spammers continue to adapt to increased security software, the intervention of a responsible ISP, and government agencies around the world.

  • Specialized malware

Highly specialized malware discovered in 2009 and has a goal to exploit a particular ATM. That indicates the high level of knowledge about the ins and outs and how to work and how it can be exploited. This trend is expected to continue to grow in 2010, including the possibility of malware targeting electronic voting systems, which are used in the political arena and voting via public telephone lines, as is widely used in many competition reality shows on television.

  • CAPTCHA technology will Rise

This will make the business more developed economies in the region that offers the people to collect accounts on legal sites, especially those that support user-generated content, for the purpose of spamming. Symantec estimates that these individuals would be paid less than 10 percent of the income spammers, with the search account to charge between 30 to 40 dollars per 1,000 accounts.

  • Instant Messaging Spam

Because the virtual world of criminals looking for ways to avoid CAPTCHA technology, attacks through instant messenger (IM) will increase its popularity. Threats through IM will consist of spam messages that contain unwanted malicious link, particularly attacks aimed at the active IM accounts. At the end of 2010, Symantec predicts that one of the 300 IM messages will contain the URL.

In addition, in 2010, Symantec estimates that, overall, one of the 12 hyperlink will lead to a known domain name is used to contain malware. Thus, one of 12 hyperlinks that appear in the IM message will contain a domain that is considered suspicious or dangerous. In 2009, levels only 1 of 78 hyperlinks.

  • Spam Non Indonesia will Rise

With the penetration of broadband connections continues to grow worldwide, particularly in developing economies, spam in countries that use languages other than English will increase. In some parts of Europe, Symantec estimates that spam localization rate will exceed 50 percent of all spam.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anti Spam at the Enterprise Level

Every one of us knows how spam impacts us. Every day we either get a ton of spam - or if we're adequately able-bodied adequate by spam filters - alone a few pieces.

Like a ample cardinal of people, I don't use any spam filters. Ah. You anticipate I'm insane. But wait. My botheration is that I get a lot of email from business types which I appetite to receive. And the spam clarificationcomputer application is not actual acute to my needs. Alike white-listing doesn't consistently work. So, I adopt to get all that spam and aloof annul it.

Now this band-aid can assignment for me admitting the time it takes to annul my circadian balance of spam. However, at the action level, it's a accomplished altered story. If you accept a almost ample centralized arrangement with alike a bashful cardinal of email users, you're attractive at a above problem. And the added users you have, the worse the botheration is.

Sure, you can put upcomputer application on the mail server. Works, affectionate of. But appealing anon you may acquisition you charge to advancement the mail server. And that's afterwards you already put it on a stand-alone machine.

Rather than continuing to shop for anytime added expensivecomputer application to run on a apparatus that keeps defective to be upgraded, you ability appetite to anticipate about a committed anti spam appliance.

To accord you some abstraction of what's accessible let's booty a attending at Barracuda Networks committed anti spam appliance. All you charge to do is put this babyish in advanced of your mail server. I say baby, carefully because this one will apprentice by accomplishing and by training provided by your users.

Bayesian clarification is still one of the best authentic defenses adjoin spam. The fresh plug-ins acquiesce users to anon alternation the Bayesian filter, authoritative the Barracuda Spam Firewall alike added authentic based on the users alone email preferences. Bacilli and added threats can affect the arrangement bound if they are not chock-full at the arrangement edge. With Intent Assay our barter accept an advantage over these threats because the Barracuda Spam Firewall is able to block them absolute time. Consequently we accept consistently been a aboriginal responder back some of the best awful virus attacks accept hit, extenuative our barter from potentially adverse accident to their networks.

This is one admirable little machine. A Barracuda Spam Firewall can abutment from 1,000 to 30,000 alive users. It can usually be installed in beneath than bristles account and receives automated alternate updates for fresh forms of spam and viruses. It has a 10 band aegis arrangement above the use of accessible antecedent anti spam and anti virus solutions: abnegation of account and aegis protection, IP block list, amount control, virus assay with annal decompression, proprietary virus check, user defined rules, spam fingerprint check, Intent Analysis, spam rule-based scoring, and Bayesian analysis. Plus it additionally does both entering and outbound email clarification with the admittance of adult outbound email clarification techniques (just in case you've got a spam crank on lath or somebody's got an adulterated PC).

However, it isn't absolutely cheap. Still, back you accede the time, bandwidth, user annoyance and abeyant accouterments advancement costs, the amount may attending a lot added reasonable.

If you are in the bazaar for an anti-spam appliance, the Barracuda Spam Firewall isn't your alone choice. The appulse of spam on internet businesses - alike those who primarily use it for aloof email - is so abundant that a simple chase for "anti spam appliance" will acquisition you a cardinal of alternatives to examine. Alike McAfee is accepting into the anti spam accouterments game.

I'm acquisitive that it won't be too continued afore I can aces up a Bayesian multi-level anti spam, anti virus firewall apparatus for my home PC that keeps me safe and cuts my charge to annul after deep-sixing the email I appetite or costing me added than I can afford. I doubtable it's on the way.

Every one of us knows how spam impacts us. Every day we either get a ton of spam - or if we're adequately able-bodied adequate by spam filters - alone a few pieces.


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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

CoolWWWSearch.SmartKiller (v1/v2) MiniRemoval

.SmartKiller (v1 and v2) is a new, real ugly variant of CoolWWWSearch. When running, it will close every browser window you use to visit a large list of anti-spyware-sites, and even will close Spybot-S&D and some other anti-spyware applications as well.

So if your copy of Spybot-S&D (or the anti-spyware application of your choice) closes a few seconds after starting, or your browser closes whenever you try to visit an anti-spyware site, try this CWS.SmartKiller removal utility.

Simply unzip and run!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Paypal Vs Traditional Merchant

Now that you accept your online abundance you allegation the adeptness to allegation your barter for the appurtenances they purchase. While it is accessible to accept barter accelerate you a analysis or money order, at which time you would absolution their goods, the added acceptable adjustment of online business involves ambience up some blazon of merchant annual which processes customer's acclaim cards and again puts the money in your coffer account. What is a merchant annual you ask? A merchant annual is any aggregation (often a coffer or added cyberbanking institution) who processes acclaim cards on annual of a merchant (you). Best of the ample American banks such as Coffer of America, Chase, etc. accept merchant casework while added companies specialize in merchant casework and don't accept added cyberbanking accessories such as branches, ATMs and acceptable blockage and accumulation accounts. Merchant accounts administer to your online store; however, this is the aforementioned blazon of merchant annual you may accept for your in-store acclaim agenda terminal.

Once the internet gets involved, there needs to be a "gateway" amid your website, and your acclaim agenda merchant. Generally companies will advance you to accept that they action your acclaim cards online back alms you their services, back absolutely they are bundling their casework with an online gateway. One of the best able-bodied accepted online gateways is offers abounding casework that acquiesce you the merchant a way to action acclaim cards including ambience up a custom website, amalgam your merchant annual with eBay and ambience up automatic alternating announcement for your barter casework and subscriptions. However, does not action your acclaim cards, not a distinct penny. acts as the go between, amid you and your bank. You artlessly accord your merchant ID cardinal and they facilitate your transaction. Generally barter such as yourself may be angry off by this action because what ends up accident is you are advantageous your merchant a annual fee - generally about $20 added the 2-3% fee per transaction, and accuse an added $20 - $30 per ages for their services.

There has to be a better, added acceptable way to do all of this online stuff, right?!?! Well, there is. PayPal, whom best apperceive as those bodies you use to shop for being on eBay has a cogent bulk of merchant services. PayPal will act as both your merchant and your aperture all for one across-the-board amount of $30 a month. This is not PayPal in the acceptable faculty either. PayPal has an API which allows you to action acclaim cards on your website after barter alive that PayPal is acting like the merchant. Barter never leave your website. Another added is if you are a fresh business aloof accepting off the ground, PayPal does not alike crave a tax ID cardinal to bureaucracy your annual (although it is awful appropriate to annals your business - I'm aloof a blogger, not a tax advocate - I digress). Now you may be cerebration I aloof adored $10 a ages and I alone accept to accord with PayPal, not two altered companies, so what's the catechism - PayPal it is! Not so fast.

As I mentioned beforehand that 2 - 3% you're advantageous on every allegation - that adds up. If you accept PayPal as your merchant provider, again it REALLY adds up. PayPal accuse hardly over 3% per transaction on all Visa, Mastercard and Amex charges. For those accustomed with Amex, they tend to behest their own rules and no amount whom your merchant provider is you will be bound in to a amount about about 3%. However, Visa and Mastercard tend to be abundant added adjustable generally alms agreement about 2% (sometimes a bit lower or higher) for online accuse depending on which merchant you choose. This agency if your action $1000 in sales a ages online, that 10 bucks you aloof adored with PayPal as you merchant is gone, because a acceptable merchant would accept alone amount you $20 at 2% (on top of your annual fees) and PayPal has taken $30 or 3%. Not to bore you with too abundant math, but at $2000 of gross sales PayPal would booty $60, a acceptable merchant, $40.

As you can see, unless you advertise beneath than about $500 a ages in appurtenances or await heavily on American Express sales, the PayPal route, while absolutely added acceptable to bureaucracy will amount you added money in the continued run in per allegation transaction fees. Feel chargeless to email me with any comments about acclaim agenda processing. It can be ambagious at times, but able-bodied account alive what you're accepting into.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Remove Conficker Worm

Has your computer been infected with the Conficker C Virus? Despite the relative ineffectiveness of the virus after April 1st, the danger still persists. The worm is evolving and it can still pose a serious danger if not eliminated from your computer. Fortunately you can remove Conficker Virus very quickly if you take the right steps.

So what is the Conficker Virus? It also goes by the name Kido, Downup, Downadup, and was first detected in October of 2008. The worm is geared specifically towards Windows operating systems and relies on advanced technology to infect computer and evade detection.

The symptoms of the Worm Conficker are clear:

• Microsoft updates are suddenly disabled
• Your computer beings acting much slower than usual
• You cannot access certain antivirus software and websites
• Account lockout policies occur automatically

On April 1st 2009, the virus was set to go into "activation mode" but this appeared to be a ruse. The virus is still lurking but has yet to be activated to wreak havoc. Millions of computers remain infected and the Conficker virus can still attack at any time.

What is the danger of Conficker C? The malware can peer into your system and steal private information like bank accounts, social security, passwords, and other sensitive data. It can relay that information to folks who can steal your identity on the black market.

There is also the danger that the virus can take control of your system and corrupt it from within. This can occur by ruining the registry which can cause a complete shutdown of your system.

How To Remove Conficker

The worm can only be removed by using a Conficker removal tool. The virus relies on advanced infection techniques making manual removal impossible. Fortunately there is software available which can help you Remove Conficker in minutes and save your system and personal identity from danger

Tired of viruses infecting your computer? Want to surf the web with the peace of mind that your computer is safe and secure? Get your free scan from the top virus protection and remove Conficker virus.

Jim Marshall is an expert computer technician with fifteen years of experience in the industry. Since his own computer was destroyed by malicious software, he has been studying antispyware, adware, and malware systems for years. His website details the comprehensive results of this research, ranking the best antispyware and antivirus programs available.

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Online Photo Editors

Let's say you're on vacation. You've just taken a fantastic picture with your brand-new SupraUltraMax 18 megapixel camera, and you want to ship it home to all your friends and family. You find an internet cafe in the middle of a foreign country, pull the chip from your camera, and get ready to email it home--and that's when you discover that your terrific new camera stores terrifically large images. There's no way you can email a twenty-seven megabyte image back home. What's worse, this Internet Cafe computer doesn't have any image-editing programs on it, so you can't find any way to crop or compress the image, either. Are you stuck waiting until you get home to share your images?

Not necessarily.

With the rise of broadband, several websites have popped up on the 'net offering the ability to upload and edit pictures right there on the website.

Phixr is regarded as one of the better online editors. They have a wide variety of tools available, like Red Eye removal, Sepia conversion, OCR recognition, and Borders. They also have third-party agreements with such websites as Costco, Flickr, and Livejournal, allowing you to edit your photo online and immediately upload it to the other site. However, Phixr is not a storage site--they remove all pictures about three hours after editing is done.

PXN8 (think license plate, it's pronounced Pixenate) has a feature called Bookmarklet that speeds up image loading. An image can be uploaded and opened in PXN8 with two mouse clicks. It has a wide variety of features and abilities, and is a favorite of reviewers because of the speed and ease of workflow.

Pixoh has one of the best interfaces of all the onlie photo editors, and one of the largest filesize limits (it will allow you to edit images up to ten megabytes in size). Unfortunately, so far it only offers a few basic features, like rotate and resize.
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Monday, February 02, 2009

Untuk Yahoo Mail.

1. Login ke account email ( ).
2. Masuk ke inbox dan buka salah satu email yang ingin anda lihat.
3. Pada pojok kanan bawah cari menu tulisan “Full Headers” dan klik tulisan tersebut.
4. Maka anda bisa mengetahui ip address pengirim email dan info detail yang lain.

Untuk Gmail / Google Mail.
1. Login ke account email anda ( ).
2. Masuk ke inbox
3. Buka salah satu email yang ingin anda lihat,
4. Lihat kanan di bagian atas ada pilihan Reply, terus disamping tulisan Reply ada tanda panah ke bawah, klik tanda panah tersebut dan pilih Show Original.
5. Maka anda bisa mengetahui ip address pengirim email dan info detail yang lain.

Untuk Hotmail.
1. Login ke account email anda ( ).
2. Buka salah satu email yang ingin anda lihat
3. Klik kanan email tersebut dan pilih View Source.
4. Maka anda bisa mengetahui ip address pengirim email dan info detail yang lain.

Untuk Outlook Express.
1. Buka program Outlook Express dan login ke email anda.
2. Klik kanan pada salah satu email yang ingin anda lihat.
3. Klik menu Properties.
4. Klik tab Detail.
5. Maka anda bisa mengetahui ip address pengirim email dan info detail yang lain.

Untuk Microsoft Outlook.
1. Buka program Outlook Express dan login ke email anda.
2. Klik kanan pada salah satu email yang ingin anda lihat dan pilih Options
3. Maka anda bisa mengetahui ip address pengirim email dan info detail yang lain.


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Monday, January 05, 2009
About Encryption and Making Your System Secure

What does encryption do for me?

Encryption and cryptographic software has been used in many different ways to make systems more secure. This article discusses only a few ways that such software can make your system more secure, including:

1) Encrypting your email

2) Encrypting your files

To programs are mentioned that will help encrypt information. There are many more programs out there that will help, but these programs are good and a good place to start as any. They have the added benefit of both being free with source code available.

Will encryption stop people from accessing my information?

Encryption simply makes it harder for people to gain access to important information, like passwords or sensitive information in a file. The first thing you should know about encryption is that the algorithm that is used to encrypt can be simple or more complex and that affects how securely what you have encrypted is protected. Encryption systems have been broken when the method of encryption is understood by hackers and is easy to break.

Why bother to encrypt my email?

It should be noted that email is far less secure than paper mail for two very good reasons: first, electronic data can be accessed easily over an Internet and secondly, electronic data is really simple to copy. There is a very good chance that someone has snooped around in your email despite your best intentions to stop it.

How do I go about encrypting my email?

There are many programs out there that can help you encrypt your email. A very popular one is PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or its Gnu offshoot GPG.

PGP ( self-describes itself this way: This "is a program that gives your electronic mail something that it otherwise doesn't have: Privacy. It does this by encrypting your mail so that nobody but the intended person can read it. When encrypted, the message looks like a meaningless jumble of random characters. PGP has proven itself quite capable of resisting even the most sophisticated forms of analysis aimed at reading the encrypted text."

Why bother to encrypt my files?

The answer to this boils down to what you store on your computer. If you have financial data with important information like social security numbers, email addresses, account numbers and passwords, then you open yourself up to losing very valuable information. Most corporate Internet security employees will attest to the widespread theft of very valuable information. As long as you are connected to the Internet you are vulnerable.

How do I go about encrypting my files?

AxCrypt File Encryption Software ( Self-described as "Free Personal Privacy and Security for Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP with AES-128 File Encryption, Compression and transparent Decrypt and Open in the original application.

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